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Sued for Debt by a Debt Collector or Credit Card Company?

Then you need a Debt Lawsuit Defense Lawyer on your side. We defend people in Texas statewide against Credit Card and Debt Collector Lawsuits.

Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense

Debt Collection and Credit Card lawsuits can be defended and many times I can have the debt dismissed entirely or negotiate a much lower settlement and payment plan. You have a very short period of time to respond to the lawsuit. If you don't then the Debt Collector or Credit Company will get a Default Judgment against you.

To stop a debt judgement, hire Shawn Jaffer, your Credit Card Debt Defense Lawyer as soon as possible to defend you against credit card companies and debt collector lawsuits.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can a Creditor or Debt Collector Sue me for a Debt?
Yes. It is very common to get sued for a debt in Justice of the Peace Courts in Texas. The creditor can file a lawsuit against you for the debt in the county where you live.

How much time do I have to Respond to the lawsuit?
In Justice of the Peace Courts you have 14 days to file an Answer to the lawsuit from when you have been served with the lawsuit.

What happens if I do not respond or answer the lawsuit?
If you do not respond or respond late to the lawsuit the Court will give the creditor/debt collector a default judgment against you for the entire amount they sued for.

What does a default judgement do?
A default judgement allows the creditor/debt collector to take money from your bank accounts and use a marshal to take your assets and other property. The judgement will appear on your credit report for 10 years and significantly affect your credit scores and ability to get a mortgage, car loan or credit card.

What happens after an Answer is filed to the Complaint?
Once you file an Answer, the court will set the case for a trial in about 4-9 months. This will give your attorney the time needed to negotiate a lower settlement amount or in some cases the creditor/debt collector may dismiss their case against you.

Why Should I Hire a lawyer?
You can take on the case yourself and file an answer with the court on your own. But when you use an attorney, the attorney will raise evidentiary defenses and force the creditor to establish their burden of proof. The creditor ALWAYS has the burden of proof in a debt collection case. This means that the debt collector has to prove 3 separate things to get a judgment against you.

What is the Creditors Burden of Proof in a Debt Collection Lawsuit?
The creditor has to prove: 1) that it has the right to sue you (legal standing); 2) The debt belongs to you; and 3) you owe the exact amount of money they are suing you for. You do not have to prove that you do not owe the debt. Instead, they have to prove that you do owe the debt.

When you use an experienced debt defense attorney, you will have someone who understands the rules of evidence and the attorney will be able to protect your rights and get you the best settlement given your case’s unique facts and circumstances.

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Flat Fee Pricing

Debt less than $2,500, Flat Fee is $500

Debt $2,501-$7,500, Flat Fee is $750

Debt $7,501-$10,000, Flat Fee is $1,000

Debt $10,001-$15,000 Flat Feeis $1,250

Debt $15,000 Case by Case - Call for a Quote

The above refers to the total amount of debt the creditor sued for in their lawsuit.

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