Sue Credit Bureaus for Errors

We Can Get You Compensation and Fix Your Credit Reporting Errors

I can get you Compensation from Credit Bureaus, Creditors, and Debt Collectors for violating your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act "FCRA" for:

Furnishing Old Information

Credit Bureaus and Creditors who report information on your credit report are required to provide current credit information. If they fail to provide current information they have violated the FCRA. For example:

  • Failing to report that a debt was discharged in bankruptcy;
  • Re-aging old debts by reporting them as new;
  • Report an account as Active when it was voluntarily closed by the consumer; and
  • Reporting credit information that is more than seven years old or bankruptcies and judgments over ten years.

Furnishing and Reporting Inaccurate Information

The Credit Bureaus and Creditors cannot report information that they know or should know is inaccurate. For example:

  • Reporting a settled or paid in full debt as a Charge off;
  • Reporting an inaccurate balance;
  • Reporting a late payment when you actually paid on time;
  • Listing you as debtor when you are an Authorized User; and
  • Reporting an account that was reported as Identity Theft.

Failing to Follow Dispute Procedures

When you file a credit dispute with the Credit Bureaus, they have a duty to conduct a reasonable re-investigation of your credit dispute. Then they must correct any inaccurate information or delete the debt from your credit report if it is not verified within 30 days. Some common violations are:

  • Not notifying the creditor of your dispute;
  • Failing to conduct a "reasonable re-investigation" of your dispute; and
  • Failing to delete or remove incomplete or unverifyable information within 30 days of receiving your dispute letter.

Other Violations of the FCRA

  • Privacy Violations
  • Misuse of Credit Report Violations
  • Withholding Notice Violations

Remedies for Violating the FCRA

Willful Violation

  • Actual (provable) Damages - No limits
  • Statutory Damages - $100 to $1,000 max (you do not need to prove harm)
  • Punitive (punishment) Damages - up to the court
  • Attorneys fees and costs

Negligent Violation

  • Actual (provable) Damages - No limits
  • Attorneys fees and costs

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