Stop Robocalls from Telemarketers

We Sue Telemarketers for Robocalls!

The TCPA is a consumer protection law that restricts robo-calls, text messages and prerecorded messages initiated by debt collectors, telemarketers, and even political campaigns. The TCPA was enacted by the United States Congress in response to the increased number of phone calls and text messages from telemarketers and debt collectors to consumers' cellular phones. The intent was to reduce the amount of nuisance phone calls and and text messages received by the American people.

What does the TCPA Do?

The TCPA prohibits telemarketers, debt collectors, and political campaigns from using automated calls, prerecorded messages, and text messages sent to any cellular telephone. The caller/texter violates the TCPA unless it had obtained permission to call the consumer with its automated telephone dialing system (ATDS). The consumer can always revoke previous consent by informing the caller/texter to stop calling or texting.

What Does a Consumer Need to Do

To establish a case for TCPA violations, we request any potential client to:

1) Save all phone records and highlight the incoming phone calls from telemarketers and debt collectors;
2) Take a screen shot of any phone calls and text messages;
3) Save all voicemails from telemarketers and debt collectors; and
4) If you revoked your consent for the telemarketer or debt collector to call you then keep a copy of the letter, email or phone call recording.

Damages for violations of the TCPA:

A consumer usually has to file a lawsuit against the telemarketer or debt collector alleging a violation of the TCPA and can recover:

1) up to $500 per phone call or text message that violates the TCPA, and
2) up to 1,500 per phone call or text message if the consumer can establish that telemarketer or debt collector knowingly and willfully violated the TCPA.

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