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You may be Entitled to Compensation up to $1,000 per complaint under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act “FDCPA”

What is Debt Collector Harassment under the FDCPA?

  • You are getting called repeatedly or they do not stop calling even after you told them to stop.
  • They contact you between 9pm and 8am.
  • They contact you at your workplace.
  • They are threatening to sue your or garnish your wages.
  • They asked you to pay more than what was owed or they added interest and fees above the initial debt balance.
  • They spoke with Third-Parties other than your Lawyer or Spouse about your debt.
  • Did not send you Notice of you Debt within 5 days of communicating with you.
  • They made any false statements or misrepresented the law or facts.
  • They speak to you using abusive or profane language over the phone.
  • The violate any other rights protected under the FDCPA

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a FCDPA Lawyer?

FDCPA legal representation is Free to the Client because the Attorney’s fees are paid by the Debt Collector if they are found liable of a violation. Therefore, whether you win or lose you will not pay any legal fees out of your pocket to me. I pay for all costs and nothing comes out of your pocket.

Under the FDCPA you may be entitled to Compensation up to $1,000 per complaint and the Debtor Collector pays for the legal fees. I never charge My clients anything whether I win or lose the case. I only get paid when I win or settle a case against a Debt Collector under a Fee-Shifting law and you may get up to $1,000 per complaint for them violating your rights.

What is the FDCPA, “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?”

The US Congress passed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in 1997 to protect innocent people from abusive and unfair debt collection practices. Therefore, ensuring that Debt Collectors behave accordingly but in reality less than 1% of violations committed by Debt Collectors are litigated and enforced. This is primarily because most people are afraid of Debt Collectors because they are behind on their payments or cannot afford to pay their debts.

But understand that even if you are unable to pay your debts and obligations it does not mean that you should suffer unfair and illegal debt collection practices and abuse by Debt Collectors. This is where you need to contact a Consumer FDCPA Lawyer who can help you protect your rights and get you compensation against unethical and abusive Debt Collectors.

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