Shawn Jaffer & Associates, is a law firm in Houston, Texas that fights for consumers by defending credit card debt and debt collection lawsuits against consumers in Houston, Texas for a flat fee.

Did You Just Sued by a Credit Card Company or Debt Collector?

First, Do Not Panic. You have been sued and if a process server has handed you papers then you have been served and you need to respond to the lawsuit within the deadline shown on the citation. Panicking will not help at this point.

Second, look at the lawsuit to gather some basic information. Grab a pen and paper and look for the following information in the lawsuit.

  1. Who is suing you? The party that is suing you is the Plaintiff, find there name and write in down on your notepad.
  2. Where are you being sued? Look at the Citations and Original Petition, at the top it will tell you if you are sued in the Justice of Peace Court, State Court, or District Court. 90% of all credit card lawsuits are filed in the Justice of Peace Courts.
  3. What is the Case Number? The Original Petition will list the case or cause number. You and/or your attorney will need this to locate your lawsuit and file an appropriate response.
  4. How much are you being sued for? This will be listed in the Original Petition and you want to check the amount of the debt being sued on.
  5. Are you also being sued for attorney’s fees and court costs? Look under the prayer section on the Original Petition.
  6. What was the original debt/account? If you do not recognize the company check the Original Petition for the original creditor, it will be listed on there.
  7. Is the balance being sued on accurate or inaccurate? Check to see if the balance is accurate or inaccurate.
  8. When Were you Served with the Lawsuit? That is the date the process server served the lawsuit. You have a short window of time to respond to the lawsuit.
  9. Contact a Houston, Texas Debt Defense Attorney and provide this information.

Whatever You Do, Do Not Ignore the Lawsuit.

In Houston, Texas, if you ignore the lawsuit the Credit Card Company or Debt Buyer will be awarded a DEFAULT JUDGMENT against you. That means they automatically win without a fight will usually get everything they are asking for. The following are typical consequences of a Default Judgment awarded against you:

  1. Bank Accounts and Savings Accounts can be garnished.
  2. Your non-exempt property can taken from you.
  3. The judgment may be reported on your credit reports for 10 years.
  4. You can be ordered and compelled to answer post judgment discovery.
  5. You can ordered and compelled to hand over tax returns, list of assets, contents of safety deposit boxes, or have your deposition taken.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Credit Card Debt Defense Attorney in Houston, Texas?

We charge a flat fee for your lawsuit defense based on the amount of the lawsuit.

Amount of the Lawsuit Debt:      Flat Legal Fee:
Less than $1,000.00$249
$15,000.01-$17,000.00   $2,249
$17,000.01-$20,000.00   $2,499
Over $30,000.01Call for Pricing

This includes all legal representation from start to trial but does not include an appeal or arbitration.

How Can an Attorney Help?

  1. Handle the Lawsuit all the way to Trial.
  2. Request documents from the Credit Card Company or Debt Buyer to ensure the balance is accurate and collectable.
  3. Review the lawsuit for defenses such as statute of limitations and affirmative defenses.
  4. Negotiate a Reduction in the Balance by 50% or more.
  5. Setting up payment plans.
  6. Handle all discovery and court appearances in the lawsuit.
  7. Review the lawsuit for potential counterclaims.
  8. In some instances negotiate a deletion of the negative account from your credit reports.


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